Blooms, Rose Lotion and Candle

The sweetest gift for quite literally anyone else you love!

An incredibly beautiful bouquet of the very best seasonal Summer blooms in the colour palette of your choice. 

A delicious Soho Rose Farm candle of your choice. All handmade in Melbourne by scent master Kennedy Smith. 

Rose Geranium & Rosewood hand and body lotion by Soho Rose Farm. Mildly scented with all natural ingredients such as Rosewood and Rose Geranium Essential Oil, Olive Leaf and Rosehip Extract. A timeless body creme.

Select the colour palette you prefer and we will create the most special flowers for you. 

Bright and Colourful - bold tones with cheerful brights in red, oranges, purples, blues and yellows.

Pastel - a soft palette of anything from pinks, peach, soft yellows and light blues.

Neutral - a palette of clean whites, creams, soft greens and browns. 

For delivery and pick up from our Ballarat store.