Georgina Proud - Weathered Vase

Stunningly detailed textured glazed vessel with embedded glass detail and handles hand crafted by Georgina Proud.

Dimensions: 21cmH x 20cmW x 8cm.

Georgina Proud is a ceramic artist working primarily with wheel-thrown forms exploring methods of collage and assemblage to create distinct sculptural vessels. She enjoys playing with the tension between the functional and sculptural, making work that blurs the lines between the two. Works are thrown on the wheel before being cut and reassembled in forms not possible to be thrown in one piece. Her work is fired to stoneware temperatures in both oxidised and reduced atmospheres. Her practice places an emphasis on glaze development with a focus on new textures to add to her ever expanding glaze library. Her work explores the themes of femininity, fragility and strength through bold curves and textured surfaces that are at once both soft and robust.