Bubbleweed, Original Artwork by Morgana Celeste

Bubbleweed, Original Artwork by Morgana Celeste

Artwork Details

Dimensions: 690mm x 580mm

Materials: Paper, plaster, acrylic paint,
Framed in Tasmanian Oak by fine art framers United Measures

Origin: Australia

Artist: Morgana Celeste

Price includes framing


About this work:

This piece is a love letter to the beach. To curiosity and time spent salty. The memory of the water in salt traces on my skin, like a sheer veil. Sand in swimmers. The optimism of taking a piece of beach home to treasure inland only to find the pebble has lost its lustre so far from the water's edge. Earrings fashioned temporarily from bubbleweed and double cherries. I open my underwear draw in the middle of winter, there lie my swimmers, waiting patiently to be re-united with the beach. A towel sits in my cupboard perennially smelling like salt, sunscreen and sandy grit, despite many washes.

About The Artist


Morgana Celeste is a multidisciplinary creative who's current trajectory sees her in deep exploration of the materials in this body of work; paper, plaster and paint. The combination of these materials unifies her love of materiality and composition, Morgana creates vibrant, tactile three-dimensional works that sit somewhere between painting and sculpture. She first began experimenting with paper as both canvas and material in 2019 with her first two shows going ahead online during the many lockdowns in Melbourne.


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