Seasonal Manifesto

At Windflower, we nod to the seasons every day. 

Each flower has its own special time and place in the year, in the season.

Our respect for this is reflected in the flowers on our table all year round.

Seasonality is the way forward for creating a sustainable industry and we invite you to join us in celebrating local, carefully tended flowers. 

This means you won’t find peonies or roses here in the middle of winter, you’ll find tulips, hyacinths, wattle and violets. It means we know who grew your flowers and we pay them fairly.

In spring we create memories around lilac, dogwood, peonies and waratahs.

During the long summer days we share the bounty of fragrant garden roses, dahlias and hydrangea with you.

As the days grow shorter again we’ll invite you to bear witness to fluffy chrysanthemums, delphinium and autumnal sedum. And around it goes in a cycle of fleeting beauty. Marking time and place in stems and petals.

Your decision to support local and small scale growers is a powerful one. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.

If you have questions about local and seasonal flowers please ask us, we’re excited and passionate about sharing this shift and supporting a new generation of flower farmers. We hope you are too!