Bridgette McNab Ring A Ring A Rosie

Bridgette McNab Ring A Ring A Rosie

'Ring A Ring A Rosie' by Bridgette McNab, 2022.

Working directly from personal experiences of motherhood, pregnancy, birth and postpartum depression, these autobiographical paintings focus on the physicality and interdependence of a mother / child relationship.

Rejecting overly-romanticised views of motherhood, this collection of works sees Bridgette depart from figurativism into minimal abstraction.The recurring three pronged flower motif a metaphor for the artist's daughter.

These paintings function as emotional landscapes and metaphorical portraits that narrate my experience of motherhood. Themes emerging are isolation, control, anxiety and joy - the transformative and traumatic experience of becoming a parent.

Dimensions: 41cmW x 31cmH

Materials: Acrylic, latex and oil stick on board