HOWL Issue 1

HOWL Issue 1


In HOWL Issue 01:

Sondrine Kehoe chats alchemy, midwifery and time. Ashe Davenport shares a story about a stranger. Lauren Cassar talks nature, nurture and survival mode. Aimee Aroha roars about the cult(ure) of mother as martyr. Bobby Clark is no-holds-barred about privilege and community. Rose Louey writes a love letter to morning motions. Yumi Takahashi shares her reckoning with multicultural Australia. Natalie Kon-yu frankly discusses pregnancy and caregiving. Rachel Charge pens an ode to 90s screen witches. Hannah Debus soothes with personal prose…

& so much more, across 160 pages that aim to capture questions, complexities and truths that challenge the societal prescription of what an artist, creative-thinker and mother should be.

Featuring photo editorials by Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd.