Lawn Bowls x Windflower Polka Dot Forest Vase

Our newest, cheekiest collaboration, and we’re beyond excited to finally share it with you.

Thoughtfully designed in collaboration with Finn from Lawn Bowls, this unique vessel was dreamt up with an abundance of personality and individuality in mind. 

Dimensions: 20cmW x  12cmH

About The Artist:

Peer down at a Lawn Bowls dish and you'll probably see a friendly face staring back at you  - or past you, looking contemplatively into the distance as the case may be! Each of Finn's pieces are hand made and completely unique. Heavily imbued with personality, it's easy to imagine the plate you rest toast on has a rich interior life. From cheeky to wistful, Finn's highly collectible works make choosing just one new friend to take home with you the hardest part of all!  

Finn works out of her home studio in Meanjin/Brisbane. Lawn Bowls narrative driven tableware is created to enrich and uplift daily life.