Moda Piera - Arancini Floor Lamp Verde Green Marble / Nickel Plated Brass

The minimal geometric form of the Arancini Lamp is perfectly balanced and almost sculptural in appearance. 

When illuminated this dimmable lamp gives off a warm ambient light, highlighting its clean lines and classic material combinations.

Each of the lamps components are worked by hand and natural materials are left in their raw form to celebrate their inherent qualities.

Accordingly, the lamp will patina in a fashion reflective of the environment it inhabits.

As with all Moda Piera products, this object is handmade, and as such it has all of the qualities of handcrafted small scale production.

No two objects will be identical and each item will bare the marks of the environment from which it originated and the hands that helped shape it.

Dimensions: 1770mm (H) x 330mm (W) x 200mm (D)