Moda Piera - Nero Arancini Jnr. Desk Lamp Nero Marquina/Black Brass

The Nero Arancini Jnr is characterised by its minimal geometric form and balanced sculptural appearance.

The Nero Arancini Jrn Desk lamp has an inline touch sensitive dimmer with three distinct settings, making it the perfect bedside companion or practical table lamp.

The Nero Arancini’s components are worked by hand and natural materials are left in their raw form allowing them to patina over time. 

As with all Moda Piera products, this object is handmade and retains the qualities of handcrafted small scale production.

No two objects will be identical and each item will bare the marks the environment from which it originated and the hands that helped shape it.

Dimensions: 570mm (H) x 230mm (W) x 140mm (D)