Shining Star by Karima Baadilla

'Shining Star' is named in honour of one of the three goddesses of Greek mythology. This vessel is part of Karima Baadilla's project named "Long Distance Series".

Karima's "Long Distance Series" project won the emerging Klytie Pate Award in 2021.

Dimensions: 34cmH x 33cmW x 30cmD

About The Artist

Karima Baadilla’s work has a strong focus in creating a narrative of everyday life, migrant identity, and communities. Her art practice of consistently looking at ways of working together as part of her practice, especially around materiality (with a particular focus of paint and clay) and process more specifically in collaboration as a way of making art.

Karima is a co-director of The Artists Guild - a social enterprise with a focus of championing women in the Arts - and the founder of Open Close Gallery, a moveable and nomadic gallery.

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